My training routine is focused on a heavy compound movement to start my workout to build strength, followed by bodybuilding-type exercises with shorter rest periods.

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Check out my training schedule below!



Lower Body Day: Legs

Exercise: Reps x Sets Rest (after each set)
Barbell Squat 7x3 60 seconds
Romanian Deadlift 6x5 30 seconds
Barbell Hip Thrust 6x5 30 seconds
Dumbbell Lunges 6x5 30 seconds
Calf Raises 6x12 30 seconds


Upper Body: Chest and Biceps

Exercise: Reps x Sets Rest (after each set)
Incline Press 7x3 60 seconds
Weighted Dips 6x5 60 seconds
Dumbbell Flyes 6x6 30 seconds
Incline Curls 6x12 30 seconds
Barbell Curls 4x12 30 seconds
Hammer Curls 4x10 30 seconds


Upper Body: Back and Triceps

Exercise: Reps x Sets Rest (after each set)
Barbell Row 7x3 60 seconds
T-bar Row 6x5 45 seconds
Dumbbell Row 6x5 45 seconds
Tricep Extensions 6x10 30 seconds
Tricep Rope Push Down 4x10 30 seconds
Skull Crushers 4x10 30 seconds


Active Rest

I usually hop on the rowing machine and train for paddle boarding. Some times its High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), and sometimes its longer duration. Afterward I train core.


Upper body: Shoulders/legs

Exercise: Reps x Sets Rest (after each set)
Barbell Military Press 7x3 60 seconds
Arnold Dumbbell Press 6x5 45 seconds
Dumbbell Lateral Raise 6x10 45 seconds
Rear Delt Raise 5x12 30 seconds
Bulgarian Split Squat 4x16 30 seconds
Leg Press (High Feet Placement) 4x10 30 seconds
Seated Leg Curl 3x12 30 seconds


Upper body: Arms 

Exercise: Reps x Sets Rest (after each set)
Incline Dumbbell Curl 4x8 5 seconds
Barbell Skull Crusher 4x8 75 seconds
Rope Curl 4x10 5 seconds
Rope Push Down 4x10 75 seconds
Spider EZ-Bar Curl 4x12 60 seconds
Tricep Dips 4x12 60 seconds
Reverse Barbell Curl 2x12 30 seconds
Wrist Curl 2x12 30 seconds


Active Rest: Abs/ balance work

Similar day to Thursday. Some cardio/core work. I also mix in some balance training for paddling.