Why the Busy Body Plan?

Join others, just like yourself, and FINALLY achieve that ideal 'fit body' in a sustainable way that ACTUALLY lasts..

Build Muscle And Drop Fat Without Restrictive Diets And Hours Spent In The Gym.

🔵 Not only will the plan help get you in shape, but  it also teaches you the exact way of doing it, which you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

🔵 Not having to give up your social life to get in shape. Finding a perfect balance is what I'm always after, for every client.

🔵 Unlike most plans, I won't have you eat only chicken and rice 8 times a day, while doing unnecessary amount of cardio. My methods are based on actual science and this includes no food limitations. You can still eat your favorite foods while getting results :) I cover it all inside the plan. 

What If I Told You That Much Of What Magazines And "Fitness Gurus" Tell You Is False ?

🔴 What if low-carb dieting isn’t the secret to getting a lean, athletic body? What if you could actually lose fat while eating a lot of carbohydrates?

🔴 What if restricting certain “bad foods” and only “eating clean” isn’t the key to rapid fat loss?

🔴 What if you could enjoy your life and go out with friends from time to time without hurting your progress?

🔴 What if you didn’t have to eat every few hours to “speed up your metabolism” and could just eat whenever you’d like?

🔴 What if you could actually get in great shape without drastically changing your lifestyle?

🔴 What if you didn’t have to be in the gym for hours every day to but instead work out fast and as frequently as your schedule allows you to?

You Thought You Were Doing Everything Right, But Didn't See Great Results

➡️ You were working out hard 4-6 times a week

➡️ You were eating healthy meals every 2-3 hours

➡️ You were taking all kinds of supplements

➡️ You doing a bunch of exercises to hit muscles from all angles

➡️ You were sacrificing nights out with your friends

➡️ You were doing extra cardio sessions and workouts to tax your muscles even more

➡️ You even cut out alcohol and carbs to stay on track with the unsustainable regimen

That stops now.. Welcome to the Busy Body Plan. 

Your sustainable, long term approach to fitness. 

The Surprising Way I Developed This

Proven Approach To Getting Fit And Healthy...

✔️ It’s my goal to help my clients realize their true potential both mentally and physically. I give you the tools to achieve your ideal body and to apply the things you learned through that process to other areas in life.

✔️ I make complex health and fitness scientific information easy to understand and implement into your life and busy schedule for maximized results.

✔️ It’s my mission to provide real, science-backed fitness advice to the masses in a fun and enjoyable way that links the body and mind. 

✔️ The best plans are ones that make the process as enjoyable as possible.

Let’s do this together.  

Author: Will Schiller, Owner of Schiller Fitness

✅ Let's take all the guess work out of it. This plan is broken down day by day, outlining your workout, cardio and ab training days to ensure maximum results and accountability. 

✅ Most men and women wish they had less body fat, this plan will teach you how to burn unwanted body fat in an enjoyable way that doesn't take to much time out of your busy day!

About The Plan

12 Weeks of Workouts

Nutrition Guidelines

✅ Nutrition is a huge part of the equation to stay on track with your fitness goals. Learn how to eat to achieve your ideal fit body, without cutting out all the foods you enjoy!

✅ Eating nothing but veggies and salads is unsustainable. Learn how to live your life in an enjoyable way WHILE achieving the fit, athletic body you desire.  

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The Busy Body Plan

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