The 3 Laws of Muscle Growth


Similar to my last post (fat loss 101), there are thousands of online ads and commercials claiming to help you pack on 30 pounds of muscle in a month by using certain products and services, and to be honest, its all bullshit.

The main goal of a supplement company is to make money. Bottom line. So they will market pictures of guys on steroids on their products and give the average dude a false sense of hope. But will they tell you to eat in a caloric surplus and progress in the gym for muscle gain? No, just use their product.

It’s very simple once you understand the basic laws of muscle gain. Lets do this.

Muscle Growth Tip 1: Eat in a Caloric Surplus

Eat in a caloric surplus (but not too much) 500-800 surplus is plenty, the more calories you eat the more weight you will gain, but also more fat.

I’ll never forget my second year of university I was looking to get HUGE and I watched a Mike O’hern video and he said he eats 5000 calories every day, and said that who ever does his workouts should too.

That’s a great way to put on a nice layer of fat by going from eating around 2000 calories per day to 5000. And I did get a little pudgy; this started my journey to look at the actual science of it.

Muscle Growth Tip 2: Track Your Lifts

Muscle if a byproduct of strength, you need to push yourself to lift heavier weights over time (progressive overload).

You must progress in your workouts and your body must always be under a new type of stress (heavy weight or more reps), or else it doesn’t have a reason to grow. Give it a reason! Squat 200 pounds this week and 215 next week. Bench press 180 this week and 190 next week. Muscle serves as functionality, if you’re not getting stronger, muscle growth is useless.

Get a journal and start tracking the weight lifted on each workout for all of your key exercises. Push yourself for that weekly progress, and you will grow! Your body will be forced to.

Just trying to eat your way to muscle growth will make you fat. Make sure you are progressing in your lifts.

Muscle Growth Tip 3: Sleep

You have to get quality sleep every night. You need to give your body the chance to repair, recharge and grow during sleep.

Your growth hormone and testosterone production increases when you sleep to help replenish nutrients and repair muscles. Your muscles don’t grow in the gym, they grow when you sleep.

Bonus Muscle Growth Tip: Eat Protein

Get at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. This is a good general rule. Protein is one of the main building blocks of muscle growth, and without it your efforts will stall. Easy ways to get a lot of protein:

-shakes (but be careful, read the label and ensure its quality and not filled with a ton of shit filler stuff, like a lot of “mass gainer” shakes).

-Lean meats like tuna, chicken, fish, red meat, eggs, etc.

-Get a tracker app and start tracking what you eat (at least for a while) just to ensure you are hitting your intake.

Although I said to get enough protein, that doesn’t mean have a huge steak for dinner every night and that’s it. Keep eating those vegetables (just like your parents say), and healthy fats! Keep it all in balance. Building muscle is a process but once you understand how the body works to build and repair muscle, the process is simple.

Keep pushing for those strength gains, eat a little more, and you will see some solid muscle growth.

Wrap Up / Takeaways:

  • Eat in a caloric surplus
  • Progressive overload
  • Sleep
  • Eat protein

It’s easy when you break it all down. If you want free workouts every day, like my facebook page here. And if you want a customized program to fit your goals exactly and fit your lifestyle, click here.


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