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Summer Fat Loss Customized Plan

Reopened for August!


Registration Closes August 13th

Tired of having tried everything to burn stubborn body fat every year before summer? It's time to finally take action and do what works. 

I'll take all your personalized information into account and create a summer fat loss program that is specific to YOU!

This offer will not last though, registration ends August 13th.


Your customized summer plan reveals how to lose fat quickly without totally burning yourself out in the process.

You CAN lose body fat without the typical overly-restrictive "mainstream" diet approach.

You do not need to feel deprived when your favorite foods aren’t allowed on one of the fad diets, and ashamed for wanting to eat them.

And much more!

Lose Body Fat Fast

Reach Your ideal Body Weight

Cultivate a Growth Mindset

If you have a lot of fat to lose, recently slipped up on your diet, or put on too much fat while bulking... My methods are the MOST effective and sustainable fat loss strategies on the market.

You'll learn the fundamentals that will allow you to enjoy life and be healthy without obsessing over dieting and exercise.

A growth mindset is key to achieving your health and fitness goals, and applying what you learned through the process to other areas in life. I provide tools, daily practices, and additional resources to ensure that you are able to work on building your mind as well as your body

You'll first discover how the fitness industry promises unrealistic results in a short amount of time that is unsustainable. Then we can dive into the core strategies and uncover how you can finally:

➖ Lose body fat FASTER using a diet “hacks” no one is talking about

➖ Diminish cravings for sweets and junk food while simultaneously boosting mental clarity and focus

➖ Learn exactly what to eat for every meal – and stay satisfied all day long

➖ Learn why breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day

➖ Know how to set your calorie and macronutrient intake for maximum fat loss

➖ Most importantly, look AND feel good about yourself

And much more!

How is this program different?

How do I know it works?

What will you learn?

We’ll be utilizing a strategy that will make dropping fat more natural and easier than ever before. You won't have to cut out carbs or fats, making you feel unfulfilled, or eat frequent small meals that leave you still feeling hungry after.

Most importantly, your life won't revolve around your diet. It will be the most enjoyable fat loss lifestyle you will ever follow. Once you adapt to the eating strategy, the fat will begin to melt off. Occasionally you might experience some hunger impulses at times, but these only last for a few minutes.

What we're doing is training your body to handle being in that fat burning state without feeling on edge, depleted or starved. This will make leaning down feel as though it's what your body has always wanted. The goal is to BOTH look and feel good, not sacrifice everything good in your life for a low body fat percentage. 

Benefits of the program

Have you ever wanted to finally drop off body fat? ... Just lose it once and for all? Maybe you have a special event coming up (like a wedding), or maybe you just want to get lean and ripped for the beach. What can you do? The Summer Fat Loss Program teaches you how to lose fat quickly without totally burning yourself out in the process. 

Most Rapid Fat Loss Strategies Have One FATAL FLAW... I’ve experimented with many approaches and found the same recurring problem: All of them were downright miserable. Sure they work, but at the expense of your ability to enjoy life.

Not to mention your hormone levels, quality of sleep and workouts begin to suffer. Why is that? Because most aggressive fat loss approaches tell you to cut out carbs or fats (sometimes BOTH). While this helps to reduce calories considerably, it fails to address the importance of carbs and fats for hormonal functioning. Anytime you restrict carbs or fats, brain function levels go down, cravings go through the roof, mood, sleep and performance decline.

Let's do this in an enjoyable way, look and feel amazing about yourself, and spent better time with your loved ones! 

This program goes against everything you're used to doing:

➖ Spending hours doing cardio

➖ Eating 6-8 small "bird meals" a day

➖ Thinking that you have to eat dry bland foods

➖ Feeling hungry all the time

➖ Dealing with physical and mental fatigue

➖ Constantly fighting the urge to binge

This plan is designed to get you to your body fat goal swiftly (and mostly enjoyably). Then you can focus on maintenance, finding new challenges and enjoying your life! It’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen before, and will work FASTER and more efficiently than any program you’ve tried in the past. That's our guarantee.

I will develop a training plan that is SPECIFIC TO YOU. Everyone has a different lifestyle and goals. Some might want to lift heavy and put on lean muscle, others might have a busy schedule and only have time for a 15 minute intense workouts in the morning. Either way, I have you covered!

You'll also receive additional tools and resources to take your training to new heights!

The Complete Plan

This is the full, detailed plan for aggressively losing body fat using a strategic approach to health and fitness. Inside is everything you need to implement the program: How the program works, how to strategically incorporate it into your lifestyle, how to set up the entire plan... Nothing is left out. This plan was specifically designed to get you the fastest results possible and start losing body fat TODAY.

Complete Diet and Nutrition Guide



When you're inside the program, you'll quickly know exactly what you need to do with your diet. You'll know what you can eat, when to eat, how much you can eat, etc... The Aggressive Fat Loss Program teaches you a flexible and lifestyle friendly diet approach to get the results you want - fast!

This is a huge part of the program and is a component that makes this plan different from the rest. You can't see amazing results and lasting change without changing your mindset and habits. I show you the steps and strategies to cultivating a growth mindset and applying concepts you learn in this journey to things different areas in life. 

Mindset Tips and Training

Training and Bonuses!

Previous Fat Loss Transformations

Check out what Elspeth has to say! 


"I'm so glad I discovered Will and started this transformative journey! This has been the best long-term investment I could have ever made for myself."

- Elspeth

I'm confident that you're going to be blown away by the information and simplicity of this program. More than that though, when you start implementing it - if you follow the program as I have outlined it - I know you'll be shocked at the results. 

If you aren't completely satisfied with your results after implementing this program for the full duration, just send me an email and I'll refund every penny back to you, AND keep working with you until you do achieve your goals. Your success is my success. 

"Will explains fitness and nutrition in a way that is non invasive and educational. He promotes fitness as more than just that. It’s about achieving your fitness goals to feel better about yourself on a daily basis, it’s the mind-body connection and overall health as a main focus. Thanks for your motivation!"

- Amanda


Now's the time for you to start your journey!

Let's get back to feeling good again. Lets make this your most enjoyable summer ever. Click below ⬇️