Fitness Mindset


Fitness is more mental than it is physical.


First off, I totally get it. No one is their absolute best every single day. Sometimes you may feel unmotivated, mentally and physically drained, and just go through the motions, essentially doing nothing. Or, you might be new to the gym, and be intimidated by everyone else who seems to know what they’re doing, and you just hop on the treadmill for a quick 10 minute run, stretch, then go home. Even though you were itching to lift some weights, but were too scared of what the big guys over there who are twice the size of you would think.


I get it; I’ve totally been there too. In fact, when I was first starting out, if I got to the gym and it was too busy, or there were a lot of juice monkeys hogging all the weights, I’d just go home, because I was scared of what they would think of skinny little me. Ohh all the gains I missed out on.






First you need to change your mindset and stop caring what other people will think. The beautiful thing about going to any kind of fitness facility, is that everyone is there to improve themselves! No judgment should be passed, and if they do, screw them, focus on your workout and don’t give a shit about what they think. At the end of the day, you’ll be glad you were able to overcome your fear of being judged, and you will become more confident because of it. Most of the time everyone is there to encourage each other! The gym is one of the only places where every single person in there is working on improving themselves, that’s awesome!


There’s a guy that goes to my gym that’s in a electric wheelchair! That’s amazing! (not the fact that he’s in a wheelchair, it’s the fact that he doesn’t give a shit about it, and he doesn’t let his disability stop him). We’re all in this journey together, lets help each other out.




The second mindset change you need to make is to step out of your comfort zone, and keep pushing even when exercises are getting tough (without causing injury obviously). So many people go to the gym every single day and wonder why they aren’t seeing results. Without diving into diet factors, it’s because you’re doing the same routine all the time and you don’t push yourself. When your muscles start to feel a bit uncomfortable you stop. But that is where the growth and change is! In the state of being uncomfortable! Your body will adapt to the stress that is placed upon it. If you don’t push yourself and try to improve every workout, you won’t change, simple. With effective workouts and a quality diet you will see results.


These are two of the biggest factors I see holding people back. Whether you’re working out at home, running, training for a sport, or whatever your thing is, always try and get better, the smallest improvements can yield the biggest results!


What’s holding you back?



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