Find Your WHY


In fitness, motivation and desire play a large part in reaching your goals.


Why do people fail at reaching their fitness goals? Many reasons, but one of the biggest is that they lose sight of their end goal, or their goal isn’t that important to them to begin with.

When I work with a client, I don’t just want to know your goals. I want to know WHY you have that goal.

If you just want to “lose fat” or “get a 6 pack”, that awesome, but the hard work and willingness to succeed will fade over time. I want to know WHY. Why do you want to get fit?

Not everyone will have a significant WHY to their goal, but here are a few examples to give you an idea:

Example 1:The busy soccer mom who’s always tired and physically/mentally drained.


Goal: Get her fitness levels back up, have more energy.

WHYShe wants to be the best mother/wife she can be. She feels she isn’t her normal self around her family because she is so tried and drained due to her busy schedule and poor diet. She wants to change that, and set an example that health and wellness is something that should be important to her family as well.

That is a motivating WHY.

Example 2:Skinny 16 year-old High school dude.


Goal: Gain 15 pounds of muscle

Now we could stop here. Gain 15 pounds of muscle? Awesome goal! But let’s dig a little deeper.

WHY: He wants to stop getting bullied at school, gain some confidence and make his high school football team.

Now his goal is way more significant than just “putting on 15 pounds of muscle”. On the days he isn’t feeling his best,  he can think of his WHY and it can give him that extra motivation.

Example 3:75 year-old grandmother.


Goal: Lose 15 pounds

WHY: She wants to loose some weight so she will take off some pressure from her bad knee, and she’ll finally be able to bend down and pick up her young grandkids, and have energy to play with them.

Amazing! That becomes a lot more significant than just “lose 15 pounds”.

Example 4:The recent graduate who’s fitness levels have declined.


Goal: Lose fat, get back to where he was physically when we was active at university.

WHY: Gain more confidence, become more efficient at work, and instill a sense of achievement that they can carry over into other aspects of his life.

Finding your WHY can apply to any of your goals, not just fitness. Every now and then you should take a moment to remember WHY you are doing what you’re doing, and find a bigger purpose behind your goals. It will take some time to think about it, but it is well worth it, and will give you more of a sense of purpose that will motivate you!

What’s your WHY?


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